Movie Tips

I have two movie recommendations for you. First, Capote. Blair and I agree it's the best movie we've seen in quite some time and led us into an in-depth discussion on the death penalty at dinner afterwards. Blair has never read In Cold Blood and even though I have, seeing the movie makes me want to go back and read it again.  I have not however, read To Kill A Mockingbird.  Not sure how such a major book got by me, but there you have it. Harper Lee features prominently in Capote and I'll be at the library first thing Monday to get her book. I also have never seen the movie, which fact for some reason just about gave Blair a heart attack. So after I read the book, the movie rental is a must.

Other must see movie: Crash.  We rented it last weekend and I think it should be a must-see movie for all of America.  Throws up in your face a lot of the racial preconceptions you might hold or wish you didn't hold.  It wasn't always an easy movie to watch, but it makes you think. Also points out that there just are no easy solutions or one type fits all thinking.

I'll also throw in I'm a fan of Brokeback Mountain. It's a slow-paced film, but well acted and romantic and realistic and tragic. 

Today will NOT be spent planning the England/Scotland trip.  Instead, Blair is spending the day doing taxes. (With the hopes that said refund will pay for the England/Scotland trip. <grin> ) I've got a few assignments to work on and--buoyed by my success this morning with the WheatBerry Muffins from Better Homes & Gardens which were delicious--I'm trying my hand at a new 2-bean chili recipe this afternoon.

Happy weekend to all of you.