Need Cooking Advice? Feel free to e-mail me...

Slap a bad accent on me, let me drop a chicken on the floor then put it back in the pot and you can call  me Julia Child.  Hel-lo!  Who made not one, not two, but THREE delicious dishes today?  That's right.  Me.  Little Miss Cooking Challenged. 

It's been a banner day, food wise.  I started out the morning with Wheatberry Muffins.  Lots of yummy things in them like fresh blueberries, whole wheat flour, and rolled oats.  Scrumptious.  

Still riding high on that success, at noon I made a 2-bean chili.  (Okay, so basically all I had to do was cut up an onion and open cans of black beans, pinto beans, and diced tomatoes, but hey--I had to add a few spices and bring it all to a boil then a simmer, so it still counts as cooking).

Verdict on that from the husband who likes his food plain and scrunches up his face if he spies chopped up bits of vegetables in his food? "This is great.  I'd eat it again."

Now the angels were singing. Only one thing could be bring me more glory: Chocolate.

You see, on Monday we both got a hankering for chocolate so I pulled out an organic brownie mix I'd picked up at the store.  Did you know that organic brownies don't taste anywhere near as good as the sugary full of bad-stuff for you brownie products?  Yeah, I probably should  have seen that one coming. I made the brownies and we spent the rest of the night brushing our teeth, trying to remove the aftertaste.

Which is why this afternoon, at my husband's request, I made the "real" thing.  Cut open a prepackaged mix, added egg water and oil and threw that baby in the oven at 325 for 28 minutes.  The result was brownie perfection.

So yeah, I'm thinking my next book will probably be a cook book.  One of those, "Oh, I used to be afraid to cook but now I'm a goddess in the kitchen" testimonials. And I'll tell cute stories next to the 3-page long recipes about what a simple recipe this is so that the reader will feel like a complete ignoramus if their food doesn't turn out like mine. Then I'll book an author tour and teach Martha Stewart a thing or two about how to make a good brownie.

Sounds like a plan.