Area Speech Contest

The Toastmasters area speech contest is tomorrow night. I think I'm ready. I didn't practice my speech at all this weekend--didn't even think about it--and this helped.  I felt fresh and rejuvenated when I said it for the first time today.  And I'm at the point now where the more I practice the more I'm missing slight nuances which is usually a good sign I've got it down and need to stop.  I'll run through it maybe 2 times tomorrow and then just let it go. I'm not planning on using notes this time, so let's hope the blank out doesn't occur again!

No progress on the bathroom, other than I added another coat of red paint today.  One more and I think I'll have it. I called the contractor last week and asked for a return phone call to install hardware on the cabinets.  Nothing. No word on the replacement sink and when that might be in.  Just a vast wasteland of silence...

So be it. I've got other matters to occupy my time.  I'm doing a book signing next Monday night at a speed dating service and I want to come up with a catchy sign for my table which will be situated near the entrance to the room. Something like, "Men leave you, women wear you down, but cats are forever." Only much less cheesy than that.  If anyone has good ideas, please post here or e-mail me.

I lined up the event through a guy in my Triad Networks group who organizes the event. I went home that night and told Blair, "I won't be in until late on Monday, April 3rd. I've got a speed-dating event to go to."  He wished me luck and told me to pick someone good.

Funny guy.