On to the DivisionToastmasters Contest

areacontest 001.jpgApologies for the blurry picture. Almost none of the shots I took tonight (or had taken) at the Area Contest turned out. Most of them are too dark to post, this being an exception. Here you see me and the other competing members (and one members son!) from our Area Contest.

I did manage to pull off a win although I suspect it was very close. The gentleman who came in behind me gave a fantastic speech--vivid descriptions and poignant ending. Plus, he had a marvelous British accent--so much more fun to listen to than our boring American tones.  So I felt honored to have won--he was good competition.

The next level is the Division Contest which will be held April 10th. Same speech to be given. After that is the District (state) level and then Regionals. I just learned that after District level all speeches must be original. I thought contestants used the same speech up through the finale but that is not the case. Still, one hurdle to be leaped at a time.  District contest first and I'll worry about the next speech if it comes to that.

areacontest1.jpgCheck out the hats on our Area Governor and Contest Chair. The theme was "Hats Off!" to our contestants. I was given a beautiful and surprisingly heavy take home trophy which you see me being presented with here. (Thanks to Lisa Lewis for being quick to grab the camera).

So whew! One competition down. And only two weeks to fret until the next one. =)