Now It's Just Funny...Decorating Diaries

I got home last night from my speech (which went very well, thank you) about 8:30 PM. There was a message from my contractor.  "The countertops should be in tomorrow. Can they come by at 10 to install them?"  Yippee! Things were coming together.

Alas, my contractor called me this morning. "I have bad news," she said. And truly, I felt sorry for her having to be the one to deliver it. We ordered a granite countertop with double sinks. Apparently, regardless of which company in our area you order the countertop from, they all use the same place down in Charlotte to cut the granite.  Turns out they cut the holes for our sinks too big.  Back to the drawing board.

My contractor said she was on their case and from her tone, I believe her. She has told them the time limit is unacceptable, as is the messed up work, and she wants them to give me the countertops for free with us having to pay only for installation.  She said she's pushing them to recut the countertops to have them ready for a Monday morning installation.

I truly did feel sorry for her.  I've been on her case to get this done, get this done, but this is an aspect simply out of her control. I can imagine her dread this morning having to call and tell me about this latest fiasco.  We've all had to place those "Um, we messed up" phone calls to already irate clients and it's never fun. So I tried to be very nice about it.  And if she can wrangle me a free countertop, I'm not going to argue one bit. 

So here's the plan: My general contractor is finishing up the crown molding trim today.  I'm planning on cleaning the bathroom on Saturday and priming on Sunday. Maybe even the first coat of red paint on Sunday. Then one more coat before the plumber arrives.  I'm calling the shower door people today so they can come out and measure for a door.  But for me, the worst is over.  The constant dirt and grime and dust is going bye-bye.  That's what's been driving me buggy above all else.

I can't wait for next winter so I can actually use my heated floor. ;)