No Time to Say Hello-Goodbye, I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late!

Feeling a bit like the White Rabbit these days. I logged in here to essentially say that I have no time to blog. (Who am I kidding?? There's always time to blog...).  LOTS of projects going on, but first, the good news.

THE TILE GUY IS FINISHED.  We have shower. It's beautiful. I'm very happy with the work. Now if I can just get those darn countertops in.  Plus, now that the tile is done, we can call the door guy to come measure for the shower door and plumber guy can install the fixtures. Frankly, my greatest joy is knowing that soon I can get in there and clean.  You can feel the grit under your feet every time you walk in the bathroom and a haze of dust is everywhere.  I'm looking forward to some time spent with Windex and Charlie's Soap.

As for projects, I've got several.  As I think I mentioned, this is "speaking week." I gave my Toastmasters speech yesterday, which went very well. There was also a speech given by a newer member that was hysterically funny.  It was great to see someone who was nervous about speaking just hit one out of the ballpark. 

My stomach hurt from laughing yesterday.  My Triad Networks group is filled with wanna-be stand-up comedians and I end up wiping laughter tears from my eyes each week.  I love those meetings.  (Although I must learn to stop drinking the coffee.  I usually drink decaf and they only serve regular. Yesterday I had 2 cups and felt jittery and nauseous for the rest of the day).

Tonight I'm giving a 20-minute dinner talk at a Networking group in Greensboro.  It's a group I haven't been to before, so that will be fun. But I need to spend time today polishing my material.

Then Saturday I'm teaching a 3-hour intro to public speaking class.  Same thing as with networking. I've taught the class a million times, but it's been awhile since the last one and I need to find time to make handouts and brush up on my material/delivery.  

This Friday, Blair and I are headed to Fayetteville. My niece has a "family day" at her school and they're allowed to  invite relatives. We thought we'd surprise her by showing up.  Should be fun, but that's a much needed work day lost.

I'm in high spirits though.  Spring weather has arrived (for the moment anyway) and the days are  sunny and warm with a light breeze.  It's the kind of weather that even if you only step outdoors momentarily, it brings a smile to your face. Warmer days are near at hand.

Now, on to those speeches.