Sweetest Man on the Planet

Yes, I am married to the best man on earth.  Before I left to teach my public speaking class this morning I was fussing about schedules, trying to plan out what time I'd return home so we could clean the bathroom and prep it for painting.  I walked around muttering things like, "buy sandpaper," and "must caulk."  I'm desperate to be rid of the dirt and grime.

After my class, I met Blair for lunch and grocery shopping. During lunch, I did more planning. "We can wipe down the walls and ceiling today and tape everything up. That way we can just wake up fresh tomorrow and start priming."

He let me sit there and chatter and not until we got home and I saw gleaming floors everywhere did I realize he'd spent all morning wiping down the bathroom and cleaning all the hardwood floors so no evidence of dusty contractor footprints or leftover tile dust exists. I am one happy, happy woman.

And humbled.  Just how sweet is this man of mine?  My friend Trisha cracked me up the other day when she referred to me "bedding down with Jesus."  He really is too good to be true. (And what a great title for my memoirs, huh?).

I'm exhausted.  My class was small but wonderful, but speaking for hours always drains me.  I need a power nap to  rejuvenate.  And now I can sleep soundly, knowing that a floor below me, my bathroom is shiny.

Enjoy your weekend!