Weekend Reivew

My morning's a little screwy today. We rented a movie on Saturday (The Brothers Grimm -- I'm not a huge fan) and it's due back today at noon.  So in a few minutes I'm going to hop in my car and drive the 23 minutes to the store to return it, then back home to officially start my day.  Such is life in the sticks.

We primed the bathroom yesterday.  Now I'm debating on color.  The decorator who did our bathroom had suggested a red, but now that I see the beige tile and off-white cabinets, I'm wondering if perhaps I don't just want a nice, serene, beige bathroom.  I've left a message for the decorator and I hope she calls me back today.  If we do go with red, I'm using the color she suggested. I've learned from experience there are a lot of "red" tones out there and if you pick the wrong one--yuck!   

Busy day today.  I did no work this weekend and it was lovely.  Took a nap both days, as a matter of fact.  And yesterday we spent almost 2 hours out on our "mountain" property.  The creek was much higher than we thought it would be given the lack of rain here, and we sat on huge rocks and watched the mini-waterfalls and listened to the birds and the wind and had a marvelous time. We're contemplating starting to build a cabin out there as early as next spring.  Yes, it's a year off, but a whole bunch of work must come before that.  The "biggee" is simply picking a house design.  (Let's clarify that--a house design that's affordable).  Then there's debate over solar power, where to put the house, etc.  Once the bathroom is done, I'll need something new to obsess about. 

Many projects to work on this week.  And I need to get that movie returned so off I go.