Dinner with Writer Friends

I had such the lovely evening last night. I went to dinner at the house of a writer friend of mine. The reason for the dinner is that a writer friend of his was in town, a woman I had worked with a bit via e-mail but hadn't had the chance to meet. We clicked immediately and the three of us spent 4 hours discussing life, writing, travel, research, and a plethora of other topics. It was one of the those wonderful evenings where the conversation never wavered as we jumped from discussing the male/female ratio aspects of the brain to Myers-Briggs testing to how we'd all like to participate in an archeological dig. 

This woman writer is co-writing a novel that spans 7 million years.  It's historical fiction but her aim is to be so well-researched that even historians have a hard time telling where truth leaves off and fiction begins. She's travelled to Italy four times on research trips, examined 1,000 year old books, stood in 500,000 year old caves, and had astronomers realign the stars for her so she could see what the constellations in the heavens looked like  2million years ago.  I told her if she's ever in the market for a research assistant, I'm her gal....

Today is another one of those non-stop days.  I just got out of my 7:15 meeting and now have a 9-11:30, 12-1, 1:30-3, 3:30-4:30, dinner with friends at 5:30, then 7-10pm meetings.  I enjoy it though.  I like all my meetings and the people in them and the day really does fly by. 

Right now I'm sitting in The Green Bean, a local fair trade coffee house, getting ready to put in a few hours of work on Millicent, my middle-grade novel.  I have coffee (decaf!) and a muffin and I'm good to go.  Happy Wednesday.