What's Your Sign?

This afternoon I spent some time online researching the zodiac signs for the  "Petascopes" humor column I may be writing for a veterinarian magazine. I know the zodiac signs and their symbols, but was unfamiliar with the particular traits associated with each and thought I'd do a little homework before I started writing.

As I did my research, I of course had to read the "Gemini" entry on every site, as that's my sign. There was one site I found that was outright eerie in how it nailed my personality. I didn't bookmark it and have been combing the Web for it to post a link, but I can't find it.  But I did find a few other sites that listed Gemini traits.  Tell me these don't fit me perfectly:

  •  "Gemini is an air sign, and as such puts great value on the mind and its thinking function, to the extent that emotional experiences may be regarded as complications that are best avoided." (Hel-lo!)
  • "Gemini often takes an interest in many different things, in all sorts of information, so much so that it can fail to get an in depth knowledge of anything"
  • "You have a wonderful love of the written word, as well as the spoken, and will often find yourself putting pen to paper and doodling your thoughts, if only to give you an insight into your own thinking processes. Many journalists, writers, and other advisers are born under the sign of Gemini; their forte with words makes a lasting impression. "
  • "You thirst for new experiences."
  • "You can’t handle close-mindedness of any sort. With your inquisitive and restless mind you have an eclectic taste, having dabbled in many different viewpoints and topics. You’re aware of the different types of personalities in life and are, therefore, liberal and free-thinking in your approach. "

Of course, these are all good things. (Notice how I consider the lack of emotional experiences a good thing.  Drama -- bad. Vulcan-like logic--good). The site entry I wanted to copy here was interesting b/c it listed negative traits as well, all of which were also a dead on match for my personality. A lot of "lack of patience," and "mood swings" and needing to be the center of attention. (Again--Hello, hello, and Hellooooew!) Also interesting was how it talked about how quickly bored Gemini's become. Once they've mastered something to an extent they're satisfied with, they want something new. They have a constant need to enjoy life and have fun and can turn resentful and ill-tempered if they perceived their lack of freedom or fun-pursuing in any way threatened. Fun-pursuing also being the career path they chose.

That ties in nicely with the drama of last month about "Whatever shall I do? Where-evah shall ah go??"  I've been doing this magazine writing thing for a few years now, I'm pretty good at it, soooo....BING!  Time to move on. Well, we'll see. Haven't made my mind up on that one. And I've got more potential new projects coming in. I love when people find me versus the early years of me scrambling (read: begging) for work. And a new project I received an e-mail on intrigues me.  New things...good for the Gemini.

I didn't find any web sites that talked about a Gemini's love of cats, but I'm pretty sure that's in there too.  Otherwise the whole thing is a crock.


p.s.  Let's have a sound off. List your sign and how you think you do/don't fit the mold here in replies.