Patricia Ryan Madson

Look how cool this is.  Click HERE to see an entry I wrote last week where I copied a quote from a wonderful little book called Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson. Yesterday I just happened to be going through some old blog entries and noticed there were 2 comments listed on this post when I only remembered there being one. So I clicked on it and found--to my surprise--that the author herself had chimed in on my blog.

 What a thrill! I'm guessing she Googled either her name or her book title and the blog entry popped up. But I'm overjoyed she took the time to log in and say hello. She's written an extraordinary little book which I recommend to anyone. I took an improv class last year and was horrible at it.  Really really really bad. (Which was a shock, as I thought I would be pretty good at it.) But the class was loads of fun and I wrote an article (not published) about applying the principles of improv to writing. Madson has taken these principles and expanded on them in her book and applied them to life.

So, now that I know authors will flock to my blog when I write about them I'm inspired to start reeling off lists of names.  Let's see, I'll do a shout-out to Stephen King, David Sedaris, Anne Lamont, J.K. Rowling, and Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist).  What's up, people!

Can't wait for the signatures to start rolling in. =)  Have a good day.