Grandma Playboy

My nephew calls my mom "Ba." It started when he was just learning to talk and that was one of the few sounds he could make. For awhile, everyone was "Ba," but now it's just grandma. We think it's here to stay.

One of the things Jake loves above Ba is that she wears nailpolish. He's always pointing to the colors on her fingernails and toenails. So yesterday Mom goes in for a manicure and, since it's Easter weekend, decides to do something special for Jake.

 "Do you have a rabbit decal?" she asked the nail tech. It's an Asian salon and the owners and staff spoke minimal English.

"Rabbit?" the man repeated.

"Yes, rabbit. Bunny.  Hop hop." 

"Oh yes, yes! Bunny.  Yes."

"Great. Can you please put it on my index finger?" Mom settled back into the chair, thinking what a kick Jake would get seeing the "Easter Bunny" on Ba's finger.

So the guy's applying the decal and Mom notices the ears on the rabbit look a little pointed.  She's a little disappointed as she was hoping for rounded ears and more of a cute, cuddly bunny look but whatever. Jake will get a kick out of a regular rabbit as well. 

So the guy finishes up and indicates Mom should look. She brings her finger to face her and almost chokes. The Playboy bunny decal is on her index finger. "Oh! It's the Playboy bunny!" she spits out.

"Yes, yes.  Bunny!" says the man, looking pleased.

It was all she could do to pay the man and keep a straight face. So now my mother is walking around with a Playboy Bunny decal on her index finger.

"Classy," I remarked when she told me.

"Oh, Jake won't know.  He'll just know it's a rabbit.  I'll show it to him then take it off."

"And you'll see him...?"

"After my work shift tonight."


So here is Ba in her full fingernail glory. Moral of the story? Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it!bunny.jpg