Honey Do List

It's a long weekend with a weather forecast for clear skies in the 80's with a light breeze.  What better way to spend the time than with a Honey-do list?

There's a lot that needs to get done. Number one is the bathroom. Miracle of miracles, this week we had both the missing 2nd sink installed and the shower door delivered. I'm calling the plumber today to schedule an appointment and--God willing--we'll have a functional bathroom by the end of the week.

But that doesn't mean we're off the hook. This weekend we need to:

  • Paint the bathroom ceiling--at least two coats
  • Touch up the trim in the red nook area (I got a little sloppy near the end)
  • Hang the mirrors to ensure the lights we bought to go above the mirrors actually fit
  • If the lights fit, call the electrician to move the boxes so we can install the lights
  • I bought a mini-chandelier light for the center of the room. On the high store ceiling it looked like the same bronzy color of our fixtures but once I got it home, it looks more black than bronze. So we may need to return that light and buy another
  • Purchase a clothes hamper. We've lived in the house 11 years--it's time.
  • Buy a toilet paper hanger and towel racks

And that's just the bathroom list. We also need to weed our front garden and buy and plant flowers. Blair found a seminar at Lowes tomorrow on landscaping paths that we're going to go to, plus there's an open house at a log home we thought we'd hit.  I'd like to pull the screens out of the attic and put them in the windows so we can open the house up and the outside windows really need cleaned (pollen!). I leave for Portland on Tuesday so I've got a weekend of laundry to do as well as I must remember to get by the dry cleaners this weekend! It would also be helpful if we went grocery shopping at some point so we could eat.

Other to do's: Our bedroom is a disaster zone and I'm ready to reclaim it. All painting supplies need to be put away, which likely requires we reorganize the front hall closet or it's a lost cause from the start. Sweeping, dusting and getting the comforters to the dry cleaners will also be involved.

But--deep breath--that's for later. Right now it's 8 AM and while it's brisk out, it looks like a lovely morning and Blair and I are heading out for a long walk around town.  Even with all the to-do's, the weekend will be fun because we'll get to spend most of it together.