Progress Report

Hmmm...sunny days are fatal for Honey-do lists. Not a lot accomplished from Friday's list. We did make it to the drycleaners and Blair cleaned off our bed. The 2nd coat of paint is drying on the bathroom ceiling as I type this and God willing we won't need another coat.  We bought hooks to hang the mirrors but haven't actually done so yet. Blair mowed the yard Friday and I did a tiny little bit of magazine writing work. But the rest of our days have been gloriously abandoned to pleasure.

We went out to the property yesterday and hiked around for a short bit then sat ourselves down on one of the large rocks in the center of the creek and listened as the mini-waterfall in front of us gurgled and watched with enjoyment as a series of about 8 monarch butterflies flitted down the stream toward us, over our heads and then were gone.

We startled a 3-foot long black snake from its slumber and he (I'm sure it was a he) slithered away from us over a carpet of leaves. We also heard rustling in a bush loud enough to be a deer but strain our eyes as we might, we couldn't make out a form. (Maybe the black snake was back and brought his older brother--who knows?)

The only discouraging part of the trip was that the "No Trespassing" and "Danger" signs Blair had posted around the wooden bridge were ripped apart and hurled to the side. Also the mini-fence Blair had erected to discourage  ATV'ers from riding across the bridge was dismantled. 

Even Blair was a little down at the lack of respect by these people.  We understand they've been using the land and maybe didn't know not to use it. But with  signs and orange warning fences posted, it's obvious someone now owns this property and doesn't want them on it. Instead of respecting that they ignore the signs, destroy property and do what they want anyway. 

Who are these people? Do people not have basic manners any more? I doubt these people would drive their ATV into someone's yard, rip up plants and throw around beer cans. But somehow they make the leap in their mind that since they're doing the same things where no one can see them, it's okay? It's disheartening that people won't chose to do the right thing of their own accord. Now we'll have to shell out money to build a fence blocking the bridge. It's an old wood log structure and isn't safe for anyone to drive an ATV over. But guess who these people will probably try to sue, dare they get hurt while trespassing?

People make me tired.  Ever have that feeling?