42 Minutes and Still Ticking...

I went running last night with my neighbor and her husband (I'll call them Roy and Macy, just so they have names).  I found it to be a HUGE motivator, running with other people. Roy set the pace and Macy and I followed behind. We ran for 42 minutes, about 4 miles.

What I found was that running SLOW is the key. And basing my run on time versus distance helps a lot. If I know, for example, I have to run 4 miles, I'll try to run as fast a pace as I can so I can be done with it. Running for 30 minutes though, is running for 30 minutes. Fast or slow, I'm out there the same amount of time. And I was amazed how much longer I could go with a slower pace.

Also a huge help was running with other people. I haven't done that since college when my friend Trisha and I used to run together. When I'm alone, I'll stop when I get tired. But when I'm with someone else, my competitive nature kicks in and I'll hang in there with them.

Of course, there was payback. My legs were sore once I stopped running. I'm hoping that will ease up with time and practice.

I'm going to run a 3-mile race in Kernersville July 4th and am really considering trying to do this half marathon.  I'm going to give it a month of running every other day and see how I feel.