Can't Sleep

It's 11:30 at night and I've lain awake for over an hour before caving in and admitting sleep is just not in the picture anytime soon. I blame it on TV. We watched So You Think You Can Dance right before bed. TV always revs me up and I get excited for the dancers in this show, so it was a lethal combination.

My friend Trisha suffers from insomnia and I don't know how she gets through it. I was up at 5 today, it's late and I know my brain is too fuzzy to do any real work, even though I have a manuscript to critique and a new column to write.  TV is a definite no-no. I don't even really feel like reading, but have grabbed one of the many middle-grade novels members of my writers group have loaned me and hope reading Bruce Coville's My Teacher Glows In The Dark will lull me to sleep.

My guilt factor also apparently goes into overdrive after 10 pm. I'm up, so  I should be cleaning out my e-mail inbox, organizing files, roughing out my article, working on my novel, combing a cat, doing online research... You've had moments like this, I'm sure.

More than likely what will happen is I'll cave to the urge to go downstairs and eat a banana, read the entire Coville book, then go back to bed and lay there until sleep takes me.  

Maybe warm milk will help. I tried that once when I was single and lived alone. Had the heat up too high and burned the milk. Reminds me I need to add "learn to cook," to my list of midnight madness.

Sweet dreams to you and yours.