Healthy Kitty!

The vet called and the kitty is fine and dandy. And female! At least, we think so. The vet tech I spoke with said she had written "female" on the medical chart and it hadn't been crossed out, so she thought that was correct, which isn't quite the same as saying that she definitely is a girl.

My best friend Trisha called to chastise me for not having a photo posted of the kitty, in these days of digital technology. As I explained to her, our camera battery died. So I did try but just couldn't do it. I left Blair instructions to recharge the battery tonight and I'm going to go by the vet's tomorrow to take a picture.

So that's the good news. Here's the more challenging part. Since the vet is so backlogged on kittens, this kitty won't be shown out front until all the cats in front of her have been adopted. Which means she'll be older when she's put out which means her chances of adoption will most likely decrease.

A woman in yoga this morning mentioned she might get a kitten for her daughters, but she didn't really commit and she might want an orange kitten.  But I'm still going to snap an adorable picture and drop it by her office. I have no shame.

If anyone in the area wants a fluffy little kitty who needs a good home after a rough two months of life on her own, please contact me. Blair and I are willing to pay for her shots and to have her fixed. We just want her to have a good life. 

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. I know we all wish we could be the ones to give her a home and your thoughts and love are appreciated.