It's A Boy!

stray.jpgI went by the vet this morning for the photo you see here and found out our little girl kitty is in fact a little boy, 6 weeks old. This is not the best picture but there were a bunch of other animals in the lobby and I think he was kind of freaked out. But he looks sooooo much better since they got his fur cleaned up. He's still so thin though, which you can't really tell from his fluffy little face.

They're running one more set of tests for intestinal parasites as they suspect something may be wrong. But I still have to find someplace for him other than the vets. I'm placing a few phone calls this morning to see if other shelters or cat clinics might take him. I sort of have that Titanic "You jump, I jump" attachment going on. I'm involved now, so there's no backing out. No without feeling like a complete louse, anyway.

Feel free to send this page link to family and friends--who knows who might want to add a sweet little kitty to their life?