Things I Don't Know How To Do

No new news on the kitten so we'll take a little break.

I went to CVS this week and bought a cheap digital watch for running. It has the stopwatch feature so I can track my time. And, sadly, over the last few days I have come to realize that I do not have the necessary skills to work this basic, elemental, piece-of-crap watch.

There's some sort of voodoo surrounding me and mechanical things. I read the instructions. I follow directions. But I still can't get anything to work. The watch is but one example of my ineptitude. Here are a few other items I have no clue how to program, operate, and sometimes even turn on:

  • Taping a movie on our VCR
  • Adjusting the temperature on the heated floor in the bathroom
  • Using any of the extra features on the digital camera
  • Fixing anything involving our Road Runner connection.
  • Adding, deleting or updating programs on our computer
  • Downloading I-Tunes (I almost have a grasp of how this works)

The list goes on.  I could choose to be embarrassed over my lack of skills but, eh. I have other skills, such as my amazing ability to spot a cat at 50 yards or my ability to pull together a full meal without ever turning on the stove or opening the fridge. We all of us have our gifts.

Mine just doesn't involve knowing what time it is.