Decorating Diaries - Still Holding On

A friend pointed out to me the other day that I've dropped the ball as far as updating you all on the status of our master bathroom renovations. Apologies all around. Here's the scoop:

doorway.jpgIt's fair to say that the bathroom is finished. All plumbing is operational, the heated floors work and after 8 1/2 months of tears, threats, lies, and four-letter words sworn into my pillow at night, the contractors are but a memory. Which is not entirely a good thing. We still have no floor divide between our bedroom and bathroom floor and my front bedroom still holds the cabinet and tile samples that belong to said contractor.  Every time I pass them I get an evil urge to dump them.

What the bathroom needs now more than anything are the finishing touches--tissue and toothbrush holders, artwork on the walls, and fluffy new towels in a yet-to-be-determined-color-because-this-whole-process-has-rendered-me

I like the bathroom.  I might love it after we add the towels, window coverings, etc.  One thing that bums me out is we forgot to move the showerhead to a higher height. In our old bathroom, the showerhead is VERY low - maybe at the 5'7 level.  In our other bathroom renovation, the plumber moved it to the top of the shower wall so it rains down on us like a shower is supposed to. This one wasn't moved and continues to sort of be at face level for me, chest level for Blair. Poor guy has to about bend in two to rinse shampoo out of his hair.

masterbath.jpgBut really, I think the whole renovation experience put a sour taste in my mouth that given a little time, will dissipate and I'll come to love the bathroom.  

Here's one little problem to be resolved. Look at the photo to the left. There is a large full-length mirror leaning against the back wall of the shower. It's leaning instead of hanging because when we went to drill holes for the screws, we discovered the previous owners had put a metal sheet in the wall.  Our drill can't penetrate it so I suppose I'll call our neighborhood contractor to come hang it for us.

There's always something but overall, I'm pretty pleased. (And thank you, God, that it's over).