Docile Kitty?

p1010070.jpgNo no no no no no no no.  NO.  Uh-uh. This can't be happening. My Olivia, my baby, my kitten, my silent-mewing sweetie-pie, just barked at me to pet her. I swear it was a full out "You will do it NOW - ROWR!"  cat bark.  But this can not be. Olivia is my gentle soul of a cat. She never makes a peep, just sits and stares at you with wide eyes until you do her bidding.  Silence is her constant companion.

To the contrary, Lucy, our tuxedo cat, won't shut up.  If she is in need of anything--water, food, playtime, combing, fresh litter, by God, you will hear about it.  And she doesn't even pretend to be nice about it. Her voicings have a definite "move your ass" quality to them.

What if Lucy has tainted Olivia? Dear Lord, I can't handle two of them bossing me around. I depend on silent angel Olivia to temper the storm that is Lucy-Cat. I always thought I wanted them to be friends, but now I'm not so sure.

I better cut this short and go comb Olivia. I'm afraid of what might happen if I don't.