A Soft Touch / Kitty Rescue

Ask me how much I love my husband. Go ahead--ask me. I love this man more than words can say.  There are many reasons I adore him but the one standing out right now is because he is a great-big-SOFTIE.

Today is Sunday and Blair was at work all day. He got home around 4 and I was on the couch reading. "Can you  help me with something on the back porch?" he asked, striding through the house. Sighing, I put down my tea, grabbed my shoes and followed him out to the back porch. There I found a carrier containing one small, frightened, malnourished, but VERY cute long-haired gray kitten. 

"Meow," cried the kitten.

I looked at Blair in astonishment. He rolled his eyes. "I walked to K&W for lunch and saw her. She obviously has a lot wrong with her and I left her alone. But I sat at my desk and kept thinking about her and I knew she must be hungry so I ran to PetSmart and got her some kitten food. She gobbled that down and seemed stronger for it, so I thought maybe..." He shrugged. "So anyway, I went back and got a carrier and brought her home. We'll take her into the vet tomorrow as a stray and see what they can do for her."

So everyone calm down--we are NOT keeping the cat. But we will pay for any medical treatment she may need and she's just a beautiful cat--big blue eyes and long gray striped fur around her face--so there's a good chance (we hope) she may be adopted. 

We're going to keep her on the back porch in a carrier tonight. I wanted to close her off in the bathroom but Blair has a point that we don't know what she may have and bringing her in the house with our two girls is probably not a good idea. We gave her litter, food, water, a washcloth to curl up on and a red cotton mousy for company. Poor thing--she's just pawing at the cage, mewing, trying to get out. I hate to think of her out there alone all night but Blair is right--she doesn't know how lucky she is that he found her and it's for the best.

Our county doesn't have a shelter and our vet doesn't allow people to just bring in strays. What has to happen is that tomorrow morning I'll call the police department and tell them I have a stray. Then they'll come by the house and take the cat to the vet and bring me back the carrier. Seems kind of silly but I guess it cuts down on people just bringing a ton of strays into the vet. 

I'll let you know how she does tomorrow and also the  error of judgement I made that almost cost us the kitty. Everyone send good thoughts kitty's way.

And isn't Blair just the sweetest guy around?