Runner's World

Sunday morning I had what is probably my best run ever at 6 1/4 miles and just under an hour. That's not an especially fast pace but what made the run so good was that it was easy.  Breath, speed, rhythm--everything came together. The first time I got tired and looked at my watch I was already at 52 minutes.  Plus, I ran into the neighboring town and back which made me feel like I'd actually been somewhere versus running in circles. Blair has informed me we'll no longer use the car and gas to get groceries and instead he'll just send me.

I'm amused how nothing gets missed in a small town. I go to the bank and people say, "I saw you Monday morning on Murphy Street." I go to give blood and hear, "You were down by Hardee's on Sunday around 7:30."  There's no chance of me ever going missing because apparently I'm being tracked. During the week I run with Royce and Margharita. Royce and I run a little faster pace and sometimes pull ahead and someone told Margharita they saw Royce running with another woman. Margharita's reply? "I know. I'd do something about it if I could catch her."  She cracks me up.

Today's run was not quite as joyful. We pushed to make 50 minutes and you could have mopped the floor with me when we were through.  But it's still a great feeling to be up and outside, sweating and knowing I'm getting something done as I run past houses still black, or cars pulling into McDonald's for morning coffee and pancakes.  No matter how tired I am when I come back in the house at 6:30, it's always a good tired, knowing I've already got a big checkmark to put against my to-do list for the day.

And the runs are getting easier. 40-45 minutes is a no brainer now. Which is good as starting in September we pick up the time and pace. And if you ever need to know where I am, just call the local bank or clothing store or any neighbor in town and I'm sure someone there will point you in the right direction. ;)