Just Say NO to Glamour Shots

I'm thinking of starting a national campaign to ban all Glamour shots.  Is there anything more embarrassing than to walk into someone's office and see a picture of their wife in 80's hair, soft pink lighting, and a cowboy hat  tipped to match the angle of their head as they raise a manicured hand to the tip of the hat and offer what I'm sure the photographer assured them was a coy smile?

Ladies, please. What are you thinking?

I go Friday for my headshot. It will NOT be the "I work for a real estate company and decided to glamour it up" headshot. I'm aiming for the fun/professional look--something to use on my website, brochure and in the magazines that publish author photos with bylines.

I'm probably taking half my closet with me for a 30-minute shoot. I want one casual, relaxed shot and one "business" shot.

I think it will be fun. The photographer I'm going with takes as many shots as she can in 30 minutes (or an hour) and then you select two. 

Pray for good hair on Friday.