Don't Touch the Floor

Did you ever play that game as a child where you and your brother or sister pretended that the floor of your bedroom or living room was really shark-infested waters, and if either of you touched the floor you'd die a horrible shark-chomping death?

 I was reminded of this game yesterday when our younger tabby cat Olivia decided she'd had enough combing for the time being and jumped from my lap to the desk in our office. Lucy (black and white cat but with an outlook on life remarkably similar to that of a chomping shark) was prowling around on the floor beneath her.

Olivia managed to avoid Lucy (shark) and wind her way around the room to her favorite chair via the circuitous route of big desk to little chair to smaller desk. Smaller desk to green chair to ottoman. Ottoman to windowseat, back to ottoman and then coming to rest on the other green chair. I just burst out laughing as it so much reminded me of being young. We used to see how far we could make it around the house w/out touching the ground, stepping on toys or swinging from lamps, if need be.

Wow. How long has it been since you've done something completely silly like that? Blair mentioned perhaps we'd go out for Chinese tonight but I think we have other plans.

Something involving sharks...