I have spent the last 3 evenings staring at my face. 130 images of my face, to be more precise. And it wasn't enough that I do it. I have forced family and friends to spend their free time staring at my mug as well.

My headshot photos are in. As a whole, I'm exceptionally pleased.  Out of 130 pictures we discarded half right off the bat. We narrowed it down to a broad 30 that were "maybe's" and then sent the photos out for feedback. We entered the responses in an Excel spreadsheet so we could track who liked what and where there was consensus (sometimes having a CPA for a husband really works to your advantage).  

We got it down to a final 12 and it was hard to pick from there, but I went with 4 that I'm pleased with. The only thing missing is that most of the shots are casual. I was hoping for one strictly business shot but those photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Not the fault of the photographer, who was brilliant and who I HIGHLY recommend. No, I just didn't wear enough jewelry with the business outfit I chose and the result was that I looked kind of "incomplete." No harm done, as I still really like what I have. 

The photographer, btw, is Stacey Hines at staceyhines.com. She's from Nova Scotia and is settled now in Greensboro but still travels extensively for her work.  Exceptionally friendly and professional and did a wonderful job putting me at ease. I will use her for all my photo needs from now on.

I've just ordered the photos so I'll post them once they are mine to post.  Many thanks to those of you who looked through the photos without complaint!