What's Your Word?

 A few weeks ago a friend sent me an e-mail that asked me describe her in one word.

One word... I sat and mulled it over for almost 10 minutes, trying to pick the word I thought best encapsulated who she is. Part of the challenge was that I really don't know this person well but I wanted to give an answer to the best of my ability.

Naturally (me being me) I became curious what words I would get back if I sent out the same request. So out went the e-mail to family and friends. I'm flattered by the words I got back although being that I sent the e-mail to friends I didn't really expect to get "annoying," "psycho" or "opinionated" back in return (well--maybe "opinionated').

Here are some of the words I got back: Fabulous, smiling, inspiring, genuine, frenzied, shiny,  dynamic, motivated, balanced, controversial, and funny.

My favorite out of the group is "frenzied" as I think it comes closest to describing me and I appreciate the person's honesty who sent it. She even said in her reply that "Frenzied implies energetic with a dose of frazzled thrown in."  Mmmm... shows she's been paying attention. =)

The interesting part of doing this was less what words were used to describe and more about which words specific people chose. It's fascinating to see what word your mom, sister, best friend, or friend you only see now and again ascribes to you.

Now that I think about it, I note no one came back with "Kick-ass-writer." (The dashes make it one word). Well. You're all in for it now. The new Dena word for the day is "huffy."

Have a good one.