Unexpected Gifts

I had a whole slew of things to blog about today but those have all been cast aside in favor of blogging about an entirely unexpected and extremely welcome gift.

A new friend, Lisa Wynn, runs a unique loose tea flavoring company called Artisans Cup.  The company's trademarked tag line (which I love) is: "it's ok to be loose..." Lisa's tea has been featured in Southern Living and samples were included in the gift bags for the 2005 Oscar awards.  When I found out about Artisan Cup, I was amazed that this prolific company that hobnobs with the stars was located not 45 minutes away from me. And Lisa is an amazing person. Very smart and funny and a terrific writer.

But I digress. The point here being, Lisa's teas are very cool and she does custom blends. So,  I come home today loaded down with laptop, projects, materials, etc. I've had a good day but I'm running low on fumes. I gather the mail and see an envelope with the Artisan Blend logo on the outside. I open it and guess what's in it? "Dena's Writer Blend" tea!  She made me my very own customized blend of tea!

It was just such an unexpected and fun gift. It made my day. My tea is black tea infused with orange and clove. I am brewing water as we speak so that I might see what a Dena Writer's tea tastes like. 

I always think gifts "just because" are the best gifts. Birthdays and holidays are fine, but when someone sends you something just because they were thinking of you and thought you might like it, that says good things about the person and makes the gift that much more special.

So, thank you Ms. Wynn.  I am now going to go relax--and write--with some mighty fine tea.