People With Passion Radio Show

Whew! I have my first radio show under my belt. I blogged some time ago that I was going to start hosting the Community Accents program on the 4th Tuesday of each month for 1490 WLOE/1420 WMYN.  Community Accents brings different people in to host segments--the county Sheriff, Town managers, the President of Rockingham Community College and there are fun segments like a cooking show, etc.

I was given free reign to talk about what I want and I decided I would spend my 30 minutes each month interviewing people who had a passion for life. Maybe it's their work, their art, a cause they're fighting for... just something that ignites a spark in them and gets them excited.

I had a spectacular guest today - Flavel Collins who is the Community Relations Coordinator for the Hospice in our county. She's leading a multi-million dollar drive to raise money for a Hospice Home (right now our Hospice just offers in-home care).  Flavel is passionate about her work, the new home, and everything Hospice stands for. She had a family member that required the services of Hospice, which is how she became involved.  

I'm not quite brave enough to go back and listen to the tape just yet.  I'll just trust my instinct that it went well. But I'm looking forward to ferreting out people with unusual interests and hobbies and passions and having them on the air.

This is Dena Harris, on-air talent, signing off...   =)