Shopping in Under 30 Minutes

I am not a shopper. There are few things in life I enjoy less than trudging into a store dressing room with an armload of clothes, never sure what goes with what, how long the pants are supposed to be, or if the salesgirl  assisting me is lying when she assures me I look "really cute" in everything. I always suspect she is actually laughing behind my back with the other staff members once I head to the check-out counter. ("Can you believe she bought that skirt?? I could barely keep a straight face when I told her it was the new style and everyone would be wearing it!")

But I have a family wedding to attend this weekend in Ohio and the sad fact was that I had nothing to wear. Not nothing as in, "I'm so sick of wearing this same outfit everywhere" but nothing as in "I've worked at home for three years and I don't think my dress-up sweat pants will pass muster at this event."

But I have been slammed this month with work. I've never really caught up with my week away at Wildacres and a huge magazine project went horrible awry and I was to the point where I thought, "Well, our flight gets in at 9 AM and the wedding is at 6. I 'll just have to shop when I get to Columbus." 

But I found--literally-- one hour on Sunday where I could slip into a store between commitments. Blair was with me. I walked into Anne Taylor, explained my dilemma and time limitation and by the end of 30 minutes had 3 sales associates throwing blouses, skirts, and necklaces at me and on me. (If I ever get truly rich, the first thing I'll do is hire a personal shopper.  Then I'll never have to set foot in a mall again).  They had me outfitted and out of the store in record time. We raced into Macy's and bought a pair of black heels and now I am ready to go.  Bring on the wedding cake and Chicken Dance --I now have proper attire for both.

I just hope I'll look good. But I think I will. The sales associate at Anne Taylor assured me the skirt I was buying was the newest style and everyone would soon be wearing it.