A friend of mine is in an emotionally abusive relationship. The newest twist is the guy has told her he practices witchcraft and has created a voodoo doll of her that he will stick pins in. 

Are you kidding me? This guy couldn't manage to light a fart coming out of his own ass, but he's going to master the dark arts? Right, you betcha. But my friend is very religious and I was concerned something like this might scare her. To her credit, she thinks he's full of it.

I tried to cheer her up. "You tell him you have a witch-bitch friend, " I said, "who isn't afraid to go voodoo on his ass."

That got her laughing, so I went further.

"And remind him," I said, "that I'm smarter than him and am capable of reading the advanced potion books.  The ones without all the pictures."

We were rolling with laughter. Thank God. The occasional lighthearted perspective, while not a cure by any means, can help make a situation temporarily more bearable.

Voodoo. I just have to shake my head in disbelief. What on earth is this man thinking? Scratch that. We know exactly what he's thinking. How to induce fear and gain control.

Very, very sad.