Back to the Races

And....we're off! Again. I don't know why, but I continually hold out hope that at some point in life I'll be "caught up."  That all projects will be behind me, the house will be spotless, and empty days full of undefined promise will stretch out before me.  Right. Hasn't happened yet.

Stuff keeps coming up. Like work. I've gotten 3 new assignments in this week. Not bad for someone who started out the month with the goal of "easing back" on her work schedule.  I keep thinking, "I'll finish this project and then that will be it." But you darn people keep wanting to pay me money. What's a greedy writer to do?

Last month I had the hazy idea in my mind I would ease up around mid-September, when the craziness ended. Then near the end of September, I had the thought of December being pretty much a free and clear month.  The new goal as of today is January 1st. I will have all projects done and completed by January 1st and I will not accept new work after that. I will be "caught up."

Some people fantasize about hot men/women (take your pick). I fantasize about an empty calendar and clean desk. Go figure.