Clean It Up, Pack It In, Throw It Out

Forget spring cleaning. I am all about the fall purge. The weather here finally turned crisp and I'm aching to jump in and give the house a top to bottom once over. I looked in my closet today and noticed I have something like a billion t-shirts. Of these, I wear approximately 3. Time to let go.

The conflict is that I'm still swamped with work. I've got 2 speeches to deliver in November to not insignificant size audiences and haven't even thought yet about what I'm going to say. Still trying to work through the muddle of written work that awaits me before I go there. Not a good plan.

But my mind wanders. Who wants to write articles when there is a make-up tray dying to be straightened? How can I focus on speeches when our kitchen shelves need rearranging? And how can I be expected to get any work done knowing the junk drawer in the office is gasping its last breath?

Just call me a girl who doesn't know how to concentrate. Although I think it's more than that. A friend and I were talking the other day and we decided we just don't want to work. Not for forever, but you know, like maybe for 2 weeks.

We want no pressure, no deadlines, no "must call" or "must meet with." We will take our free time and organize everything within our reach. Recipe books will be sorted by category and calorie content (versus my current method of stuffing the poached salmon recipe in the "Baked Goods" section because that's where the book fell open).  Jewelry will be categorized by weight and color. Coffee mugs will be examined and no mercy shown to the chipped or non-dishwasher safe. And everything will be cleaned, stacked, and swabbed down. Then I'll take myself, Blair, and the cats to a hotel room so we don't mess it up.

But for now, there is real work to be done. I'm on it. Have a good weekend.