Cannonball Run

Today was the Cannonball Run half-marathon in Greensboro. Almost every member of my running group participated, which made it extra fun. We cheered and high-fived each other on the course as we passed.

I had what must be described as the best run of my life. The 13.1 miles flew by. I never felt tired, never felt winded, never felt "Dear God, when will this misery end?" In fact, the last 3-4 miles were my strongest.  A huge help was that I ran the majority of the race with 3 people from my group - Jennifer, Louie, and Pam. We kept each other on pace (meaning we mainly kept reminding each other to "slow down")  for most of the race until we split up and each did our own thing at the end.

My time was 1:55:25, an 8:49 pace. I am thrilled. Last year when I first started running and was averaging a 10-minute pace I remember thinking, "I would be so happy if I could ever run a 9-minute pace. " And now that I've done it, I am happy. I'm also thinking, "I would be so happy if I could ever run an 8:30 pace." 

One of my friends pointed at his left shoe after the race. It was blood-soaked. Blisters formed and popped and he still finished the race in 2 hours. That's devotion. Or as Blair refers to it, insanity.

Overall, an immensely satisfying day.