Picture of My Running Group















This is my beloved Off-N-Running group. Or most of them. A few were out of town or hadn't yet signed in. This is a  group photo taken before the start of Saturday's Cannonball Run 1/2 marathon. I mentioned I ran most of the race with three people. That would be Pam on the far left (in the snazzy blue outfit), Louie standing next to her in the red jacket, and Jennifer, who is crouched below me in the black shirt.

We only have a few more weeks of formal training together. There is talk of all of us still continuing to meet and run together and I really hope we do. It's amazing how quickly I've become attached to a group of people I never laid eyes on only months before. And hurray for Amanda (crouched in the pink and white jacket) for having someone take this group photo of all of us.

I love my running partners!