Stomach Bug & Halloween

Got hit with stomach cramps, aches, and chills last night about 7 pm. Went to bed about 8 o'clock and slept through the night. Feeling much better today, if still a bit crampy.  Can't afford to be sick. Big project due on Wednesday and meetings tomorrow and Wednesday morning.

Blair and I are debating Halloween costumes. For anyone new to the blog, Halloween is a big deal in the Harris household. We've hauled in sand to create a beach for  Pirates of the Caribbean theme, built Snoopy's doghouse and created a mini Charlie Brown/Linus pumpkin patch, had a working replica of a Frankenstein monster that sat up every time a child approached it... good stuff.

Looks like we're going with a Harry Potter theme this year. Blair will be Dumbledore and I'll be Professor McGonagle. We'll create a wall of the castle and have a "Welcome to Hogwarts" sign.  Right now Blair is puzzling over the best way to string lights all across our walkway so they appear to float in the air, like the enchanted ceiling in the dining hall.

Next year we're thinking a headless horseman theme. Maybe build a wooden bridge that kids have to cross with a glowing, malevolent pumpkin head at the far end. I'm sure parents will love us.

Our entire block usually gets in the trick-or-treat mode. Last year our neighbors shamed us with this incredibly intricate vampire display. It was amazing. And terrifying. Our hats are off to them. Maybe we'll catch up next year with the Sleepy Hollow theme.