What Can't Be Explained

I'm having a little "poltergeist" /Stephen King moment. This morning I walked into the exercise room as I do every morning. I grabbed my running clothes from the dresser. Fine. Get the clothes, get dressed, drink a cup of coffee and eat some toast. Thirty minutes later I return to the room to get my shoes. And there, lying on the carpet in front of the door, is my runner's knee band.

A little history. The runner's band is a padded black band that velcros around the knee and offers stability and support to the kneecap. I bought a band last year when my left knee was giving me trouble. The knee flared up again this spring and I spent weeks looking for my band. I keep a tidy house so there were a limited number of places where it could be. I looked in all of them. Nothing. Not in my gym bag, not in the dresser where I keep my workout clothes, not in the bin on top of the dresser where I keep my i-pod. I even searched other closets and drawers and never could find the band.

I was slightly irritated, as I'd paid $20 or something for it and it just didn't seem logical that it would disappear. But after intense searching, I figured it had droppped out of my bag or car somewhere along the way and was gone. The knee patched itself up, so no worries.

On Monday of this week, I wasn't feeling well so I did a quick indoor run on the treadmill. My knee started hurting again and has throbbed all week, making me wish I had my band.

Then this morning... ta-dah! I came back into the exercise room and the band is practically sitting in the middle of the floor! Where did it come from? How did it get there? I have retraced my steps. I was in that room yesterday stretching out, which would have put me right by the door, and nothing was there. I didn't take anything in there this morning, like my gym bag, which I KNOW it wasn't in anyway. It is the freakiest thing. Where in the world did this thing come from? There's no where it could have dropped from. Even if it somehow came from the dresser, it seems unlikely it would land by the door.

So there's my ghost story for the month of October. Weird, huh?