Food That Gets Thrown Out

I'm embarrassed at how much food I waste. The problem is that I get excited in the grocery store and end up buying things that with a little foresight I'd realize I have no intention of eating. Here is but a sample of foods that sound good in the grocery store but not so much when I get home:

  • Celery. Every week I buy a huge stalk of celery with plans to snack on celery & peanut butter. And every week I toss out a graying hulk of untouched celery as I snack on Wheat Thins or cereal instead.
  • Soup. In the soup aisle, I am under the impression that I love soup and will eat it every day. Ignoring the reality that if you try to feed me soup at noon on a Tuesday, I will throw it back in your face while screaming, "Where's the BREAD???"
  • Unknown fruits - Each week I pick up some mottled green thing with bumps, determined that I will discover what it is and cook it. Or I lovingly run my hands over the eggplant--such a pretty purple color.  I have an eggplant rotting in my vegetable crisper even as I write this.
  • Frozen vegetables. I can't tell you how many bags of stir fry or mixed vegetables are shivering away right now in my freezer, scorched by major freezer burn. Once home, tearing open the bag and heating water in a pot to warm them just seems like too much effort...
  • Any sort of gourmet cheese. I figure if it costs $8 for an ounce, it's got to be good, and I'll feel too guilty not to eat it. I'll share this insight with you- expensive green moldy gourmet cheese is not a pretty sight.

It's time to just admit to the fact that I can get by for years at a time on whole wheat bread, peanut butter, cereal, soy sausage patties, and bananas. And you'll note that nothing in this listing requires me to turn on the stove. What about you? What's your secret grocery store shame?