It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. It is POURING rain here. We have been in an extended drought so this is very, very good news. All the lakes in town are not only dry, they are now covered in tall grasses. There's also a horrible stink coming off them as ground that has not been exposed to air in probably decades is revealed. When it started sprinkling yesterday, most people I know said they either walked outside or stood on their porch and just marveled at the rain. Like it was some type of unknown phenomena falling out of the sky. We went to sleep last night with the sound of rain beating against the roof and windows and it was so cozy.

My running buddies and I were out in the craziness at 6:30 a.m. Dark streets and sheets of rain pelting us. "This is where your friends tell you you're crazy," said Jack. "And on a day like today, they may have a point."

We had plans to do 4-5 miles but called it quits a little after two miles as we were waterlogged and were probably closer to swimming than running.  We'll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope the dark skies stay put. Every now and again, these dark, overcast, dreary days are quite fun.