Decorating Diaries: Exercise Room - Part I

Duck%20Paper.jpgHere are a few pictures to get you started. The first is of the exercise room, pre-wallpaper ripping. Note the lovely duck motif that coincides so well with the dark orange trim and blue carpet. It's hard to believe we've lived with that for almost 12 years now. (We get to things in our own time.)

BTW, the dark blue carpet is staying due to the fact that we would have to hire someone to come in and disassemble the weight-lifting machine and the bookshelf. The bookshelf can be slid across the floor but doesn't fit through the door. We suspect the last owner moved it in the room before they put the windows in.

Moving on. These next few photos are of the exercise room as it now stands. Festive, no? I'm looking forward to bonding with some primer and paint next week. BTW, any color suggestions? It's an exercise room, so we can go a little wild. The only "must" is that the trim be white or off-white, to go with the rest of the house. Me, I'd love to split the room and do a dark blue on the bottom and orange or yellow on top. Blair is not so big on the dividing the room idea. He is willing to go with a bright color though. Or maybe it should be beige. Who knows? I hate picking colors.  It's a west facing room and doesn't get a whole lot of light.

Click on the photos below to enlarge. Thoughts, anyone?

 200880-1192582-thumbnail.jpg     200880-1192586-thumbnail.jpg