Last Entry Before the Marathon

I leave tomorrow at 6:15 am for Kiawah Island. I'm not taking my laptop (work, schmurk) so I'm not sure if I'll have Internet access until I return home Sunday. Therefore, bear with me if this post jumps around a bit--I've got a lot on my mind.

  • Foremost, of course, is Saturday's race. The forecast is calling for a high of 66. Low 50's is closer to the ideal, but given that I spent the summer training in 100 degree humidity, I ought to be okay. However, that high temp is messing with my planned wardrobe. I have put more thought into my clothes for this 4 hour event than I ever put into getting ready for either prom or my wedding.  The issue is zippered pockets. I must have zippered pockets in at least one shirt so I can carry GU. The plan was a t-shirt and over that a jacket with pockets . But if it's too hot for a jacket, I need to find a t-shirt with pockets. I have one, but it's sleeveless and not my favorite material.  This is when living in GSO and being able to zip out to a running store would be nice. As it is, I think I can stuff a GU in the teeny-tiny back pocket of my running skirt. (That's right. Skirt. I will be a lady when I run.)
  • Then there's the race photo. As with last year, there will be a photographer at the finish line, snapping pictures of runners. My photo last year was terrible. I was taking what looked like granny steps, barely lifting my foot off the ground. This year, I'm getting my action shot. People, I might be coughing blood at the end but when I see that photographer I am going to put a bounce in my step and a big-ass smile on my face. I will be avenged...
  • I have the greatest friends in the world. My phone has been ringing non-stop this morning with people calling to wish me good luck. And e-mails are pouring in. Thank you, everyone. It's going to be almost impossible not to run a good race, knowing how many people are rooting for me. I appreciate all the calls, e-mails,and thoughts more than any of you know. I will try not to suck on all your behalfs.
  • On a completely different note, yesterday I was out running errands and as I left the Hallmark store, this car comes careening down the parking lot, aiming straight for me even though there's plenty of room for it to go around. I give the driver a semi-dirty look and he pulls up and rolls the passenger window down. Then this 21-year-old Brad Pitt look-alike leans over and--teeth gleaming and blond hair blowing gently in the breeze--says, "I am so sorry. The sun was in my eyes and I didn't see you. I'm really sorry." To which I replied, "Uh-buh-buh."  Nice to know pretty men can still make me go stupid.  (Which explains much of my behavior around you, honey!!).

Okay. I've spent the morning doing laundry and it's time to start packing. I sense a lengthy process in front of me. Thanks everyone for all your well-wishes!