Giving Off Sparks

Some days, you're hot. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I couldn't touch something without it morphing into an opportunity, a job well done, a compliment, a stepping stone, etc. Probably would have been a good day to buy a lotto ticket.  I love days that sing like that--where everything is in sync and you feel like you own the world.

Then there are days like today. I stopped working at 2pm  today because the hell with it. Everything I touched exploded, from the brand new blouse just back from the drycleaners with buttons for the cuffs MIA, to finding buried e-mails I'd forgotten to reply to, to a  second request  for a project rewrite that is going to require way more time than this project is worth to me. 

I had a woman's group networking meeting that ran longer than I thought, my car windows fogged up due to rain and no matter if I hit AC or heat, the windows stayed frosted and I nearly ran off the road, and my umbrella blew inside out as I went into the meeting, dousing me with rainwater.

I got home and thought with little to no enthusiasm of sitting in front of my computer and soldiering through and then decided I'd be better served by curling up on my bed with a book and ignoring the world for two hours, which is exactly what I did. I was in a MUCH improved state of mind when I did make it back to the computer and--so far--no more explosions.

Of course, I've now got about 6 hours of work to do this weekend, but that is the joy/curse of working from home. My schedule is mine to manipulate as I please.

Here's hoping to a good workday tomorrow.