No Use Fighting Spiritual Laws

In Neale Donald Walsch's excellent book, "Bringers of the Light," there is a spiritual principle that states "As soon as you decide who and what you are, everything unlike it will come into the space."  The example offered in the book deals with Peace. Let's say you decide you want to "be Peace."  You want to be calm, centered, and at peace with the world, no matter what's thrown at you.

What happens? As soon as you commit to the decision to "be peace," everything that is NOT peace will come hurling at you.  Noisy kids, chaos at work, time commitments, etc.  Why? In the most elementary of terms, it's God's way of giving Soul what it has asked for. How will you experience yourself as "peace" if there are no "tests" or ways to experience being peace? It's a way of mastering the moment and eventually, less chaos will be pulled to you as you move more fully into who you really are.

So on a slightly more mundane level, I made the decision recently that I was going to focus on book writing this year. There are a few projects I've started that I would like to finish (including--yes!--a sequel humor cat book) and some new projects I'd like to start. So I decided I would continue with my regular magazine columns but would refrain from actively seeking new magazine or corporate work.

Bring in the spiritual law. I made this decision Sunday and this week I've been offered no less than 5 new projects including:

  • Write 4 bio's/profiles
  • one website content update
  • write an e-mail and survey for an up and coming company
  • A ghostwriting project from last year has resurfaced
  • Edit a non-fiction business book
  • Anywhere from 1-4 new article assignments from a magazine I had one of my biggest assignments from last year.

Of course, all these assignments are interesting and well-paying, damn-it-all.

I'm not doing to well in sticking to my resolve and saying "no." In fact, I don't believe that word has issued forth from my mouth yet this week.  And I know why.  I "trick" myself by thinking, "I'll just finish up these assignments and THEN I'll concentrate on writing the books." But you can see it coming that there won't BE a lapse in work and the book projects will just keep getting shoved to the back.

I haven't quite muddled through how I'm going to handle all this. Journaling usually works for me. I need to sit down and work through, in writing, what my goals are, what's important, and what focus will get me where I want to be. 

I'll do that just as soon as I finish working on these few assignments. =)