Living the Good Life in A Small Town

Although I gripe about living in a small town and having to make the 40 minute drive for a nice meal out or a movie, I truly enjoy life in my little (2500 population) town.  And this week I was given an example of why life in a small town can be worth your while.

Last week my neighbor's 90-year-old mother passed away. She had Hospice care in the few weeks before she died and the Hospice worker was concerned that my neighbor was not on her mothers checking account. But there was no way my neighbors mom could get to a bank. So the manager of the bank, hearing this, walked the couple of blocks to my neighbors house with the paperwork and had everything signed without my neighbor's mom ever having to get out of bed. First Citizens Bank. That's good service.

When Blair and I first moved to Madison, there was a small gift store that has since gone out of business. We found some Christmas presents there we wanted to buy but decided to come back for them. However, we both worked out of town at the time and couldn't get to the store before it closed. So the owner left our purchases on the back stoop for us to pick out and trusted us to just slip a check in the door. Lovely.

I love going to my dry-cleaner where they know me and I never have to give my name. Or the Chinese restaurant where we walk in and they bring sweet tea for Blair and hot tea and water for me to the table before we ever order because they know what's that we want.

My little town doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment or excitement. But it's filled with good, genuine, friendly people. And if tragedy ever struck, I have every confidence we would be embraced by the community.

That's the benefit of small town living.