The Thin Mints Are Gone

The Thin Mints are gone. I ate half a sieve last night for dinner and polished off 6 more for breakfast today but it was worth it. They will no longer haunt my every waking thought.

And before anyone jumps my case about cookies for dinner, know that I considered eating the healthy meal of zuchinni-couscous I had planned. But then I thought about it. I would eat the zuchinni-couscous and still want the cookies. So I would probably eat things like an apple and a South Beach Diet chocolate bar in lieu of the cookies. But I would still want the cookies. So then I would drink hot tea and water and eat grapes and bread and anything else I could lay hands on, in order that I not eat the cookies.

I'm up to what--2000 calories at that point anyway?  So why not just eat the cookies and skip the rest of the food. Which is what I did. And was very happy for it.

On the bright side, I did not eat all the cookies. The night I opened the box, Blair had one just so I could say that I did not eat the entire box by myself. That's a good man.

I'm flying high on a chocolate caffeine rush. Must either go work now or pass out. Have a good one.