Flat Tire

Yesterday, 1 PM. We decide to drive out to the land and do a little maintenance work, cutting back tree branches and clearing out shrub sort of thing.

"Are we going anywhere other than the land?" I ask Blair.

"No. Why?"

I pull on my thick green and brown "exploring" shoes, the ones that make my feet look gargantuan and show up really well against white socks. "Because if we were going anywhere else I'd need to take a change of shoes."

Flash forward 40 minutes and we're at the land. Blair removes one tree that had fallen across a path and then calls me back to the car. "We've got to go," he says, pointing at the left rear tire which is emitting a wary hissing sound. "We're losing air."

Neither of us had brought our cell phones, so we're hauling tail back to civilization, praying the tire holds out. Which it did, at least long enough for us to reach a service station and fill up with air. We drove into Madison and abandoned the car outside of Beroth Tires and began the mile trek home.

We're walking along the main stretch of road in Madison, traffic whizzing by, when Blair nudges me. "Everyone's looking at your ugly shoes. The rubbernecking might cause a car wreck."

Isn't he just a joy to be around? Truthfully, it was so perfect a day yesterday that I didn't even mind being caught in my army shoes. 80 degrees, light breeze, no humidity. Just one of those days that makes you glad to be alive.

And it's the same today. I drove to Reidsville this morning about 40 minutes away for an interview and just enjoyed nature as I drove. Everyone took advantage of the weather this weekend to do yard work so everyone's lawns appeared trim and manicured with neat piles of trash bags filled with clippings on the street.

My day started off with 2 new assignments waiting for me in my inbox, one of which I'd been hoping to land. So all in all, a very content writer at work here today.

Even if I do own ugly shoes.