Working on the Weekend - Just Say No!

Do you work on the weekend? I hope not. I try to avoid it as I think it sets a bad precedent, but sometimes it can't be avoided.

 Today is not one of those days. It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting around the house with nothing to do. Blair is off at the land, doing manly things like chopping trees and cutting brush. I got up early and went for a 6 mile run this morning and am now stiff and achy (running hard and not stretching out afterward will do that to you) which is why I opted not to accompany him. I'm running through projects in my mind and kind of leaning toward turning on my laptop and knocking some work out. Except on general principle, if work doesn't HAVE to be done on the weekend, I don't think it should be. Weekends are for relaxing and rejuvenating so we can come back to our desks refreshed and ready to hit it, come Monday morning. If I chose to work today, I may make great progress on some jobs, but chances are I will feel less than excited to be at my desk at 6 AM tomorrow.

(A brief explanation: I often get up and go straight to my desk and start working. That way I get a couple of hours of work in and then I go exercise around 8 or 9, when I'm already 3 hours into the day and ready for a mental break. I also feel less guilty about taking 2 hours out of prime work time to run, shower, and get dressed if I've already made up the time by being at my desk early. A little quid pro quo...)

I have a number of small projects to complete this week. I've got two 500-word business profiles to write up from visits I've made, two 600-word articles on running I'm writing for a web site (LOVE this assignment!), web site content for a very fun new client, and a rough draft to pull together for my next Art Jewelry column.  Plus--augh!--I promised a client a proposal that I have GOT to pull together, preferably tomorrow. 

I love these small projects. It's fun to sit down and finesse 6oo words versus pulling together a 2,000 word article. Time goes quickly and the bonus this week is that I have a real interest in every subject I'm writing on. That doesn't always happen and I'm in the enviable position of being eager to spend time on each project.

I think... no work today. Perhaps I'll try to loosen my muscles with a walk around town. Then there are always cats to be hugged and books to be read and--if I get truly desperate--I've got a closet full of cleaning supplies.  Just call me a girl who knows how to have a good time.