Nervous About New Run

The gentleman I met at Saturday's dinner gave me the name and number of a female runner in the area who's looking for a running partner on Wednesday nights. We spoke last night and are meeting tonight for a trail run. I'm a little nervous.  I don't want to be too slow for her, plus I'm not used to running trails and don't know how that might affect my run. Although actually, I'm looking forward to that aspect of it--something different sounds fun.

She game me the option of running a 5.8 mile trail with "a lot of ups and downs" or a similar trail that's a lot flatter, but has more roots and things to watch out for. It's a question for me of how "up" the ups are. "Hills build character" is my neighbor's mantra, but we both tend to avoid them.

I hope we're a match. I'm in Greensboro every Wednesday and it'd be nice to find a regular running partner.