Trail Running

LOVED the trail run. Am now all about the trail run. Ran 5.8 miles yesterday and Kay and I were a perfect pace match. We're meeting tomorrow morning to go running again--even in lieu of the sub-freezing temperatures ready to set in.

Almost hit the earth several times, tripping over tree roots. I'm sure my first face forward can''t be far behind.  Hills weren't too terrible, although I doubt I would have done so well without a running partner. The scenery was what was inspiring. Lake Brandt came in and out of view as we ran through tall trees with dappled patches of sunlight hitting the earth. Branches creaked overhead as a gentle wind blew and small animals scurried in the bushes beside us as we pounded past their hiding places. I was so busy watching my footing I barely noticed the miles passing.

I think a combination of trail and pavement running will suit me well--mix it up so I don't grow bored.

I bought myself a new pair of running shoes yesterday and a matching short/t-shirt outfit. As I explained to Blair, I run better when I'm cute...  =)