Today's 5k

Running may be the one thing that can make me like math.

I ran a 5k this morning hosted by the GSO Police Department to benefit the NC Special Olympics. The first and only 5k I've ever run before was on July 4th, 2006. My time then was 28:57. My time today was 26:25--well under a 9 minute mile. Whoo-hoo! Here are the numbers:

  • Mile One: Completed in 8:18
  • Mile Two: Time was 17:46
  • Final 1.2 Miles:  Ending time of 26.25
  • Eaten: 1 Gu
  • Number of times I peed in the two hours before the race: 3
  • Entry Fee: $25, or almost $1 per minute (for a good cause though, so that's okay...)
  • Number of skinny, short little 10 year-olds who finished ahead of me: Ahem, several...

I told Blair there was a little ten-year-old boy in front of me for the first mile and a half that I just could not catch. Blair looked at me knowingly. "You didn't let him get away, did you?

I smirked. "Smoked him on the first big hill."

"That's my girl."

I left before formal results were posted, i.e., what number you finished overall, how you placed in your age group, etc. All in all though, I feel good. I usually train at just under a 10-minute mile so this was quite a bit faster for me.

Never underestimate the power of the ego to make you run faster when elementary kids are whuppin' you.